Let’s test the software EuroMillions Play

In the following example I made a short video that exemplifies the use of the software. For testing and effectiveness of Super Reduction, I chose 12 numbers, where I purposely included the winning key of 20-07-2018, which was composed by numbers 1-15-40-43-46

Let’s go to the details: 12 numbers were chosen (total of 792 possible combinations) and the software reduced to 105 bets that would result in a total investment of 262.5 euros (ideal for groups). A reduction of almost 90% of the total of possible splits.

Result: As you can see, in the end the following prizes were obtained: 1 bulletin with 5 correct numbers, 5 bulletins with 4 correct numbers, 25 bulletins with 3 correct numbers and 49 bulletins with 2 correct numbers.

WARNING: This video is a real example of the software working, but I repeat, that the software does not guarantee any type of prize to anyone.

One thought on “Let’s test the software EuroMillions Play

  1. Hi, I think you have something good here, I have created a system for Euromillions to give me 20 numbers out of 50 and on this 20 numbers there’s ALWAYS the next draws winning numbers, 5 numbers plus 2 lucky stars numbers inside my 20 numbers Every time,
    Now I just want to ask if your system might be able to help and capture the 5 plus 2 of Euromillions to win jackpot?

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