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Logical filters used by Euromillions Play software

Why use logic filters? Because they work and help greatly improve the chances of winning in Euromillions. Statistics do not fool you, and the actual filtering study helps you understand why! In fact, these filters help to improve an unfold, eliminating very unlikely tickets to be drawn. And although the theory of probabilities says that […]

Let’s test the software EuroMillions Play

In the following example I made a short video that exemplifies the use of the software. For testing and effectiveness of Super Reduction, I chose 12 numbers, where I purposely included the winning key of 20-07-2018, which was composed by numbers 1-15-40-43-46 Let’s go to the details: 12 numbers were chosen (total of 792 possible […]

Euromillions Play Artificial Inteligence Algorithm

Inteligent Super-Reduction Algorithm

Have you ever thought of an unfolding of 126410606437752 possible combinations ? Just think: (N=50 and M=25)    –>>   n! / ((n – m)! * m!) = 126410606437752   Yes, it is based on these combinations (25 combination numbers of 50) that the Intelligent Super Reduction Algorithm works. As any filter can be used to reduce […]

Nember Generator - Euromillions Play


Your luck requires only 3 steps: Choose your favorite numbers, Select the desired filters, and finally, Believe the AI algorithm I created, to optimize the filtered tickets to further enhance your chances of winning, by eliminating the unprovable lines with an Inteligent Super-Reduction. Disclaimer: The “EuroMillions Play” Software does not guarantee, in any way, any type […]