Logical filters used by Euromillions Play software

Why use logic filters? Because they work and help greatly improve the chances of winning in Euromillions. Statistics do not fool you, and the actual filtering study helps you understand why!

In fact, these filters help to improve an unfold, eliminating very unlikely tickets to be drawn. And although the theory of probabilities says that each number has exactly the same probability of being drawn, the truth is the actual behavior of the draws does not tell us this and proves that there are statistical variations.

Software EuroMillions Play - number history

Looking at the day I write this post, on 07-07-2018, 1132 keys have already been drawn in Euromilhões. 1132 drawn tickets means that 5660 numbers (1132 x 5) have already been drawn. Why was the No. 50 already drawn 137 times and the No. 46 was drawn only 86 times?

If you still have questions about the effectiveness of the filters, please read the following information carefully.

EuroMillions Play software uses the following logical filters:

Click the name of the filters for a detailed explanation of each.

*more filters may be added to the software if their effectiveness is proven and tested by me.

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