Your luck requires only 3 steps:

  1. Choose your favorite numbers,
  2. Select the desired filters, and finally,
  3. Believe the AI algorithm I created, to optimize the filtered tickets to further enhance your chances of winning, by eliminating the unprovable lines with an Inteligent Super-Reduction.

Disclaimer: The “EuroMillions Play” Software does not guarantee, in any way, any type of prize.

1- Chose your favorite numbers

number history euromillions play software


You can use this page to analyze the more and less came out numbers, as well as numbers more or less absent. You can also try previous draws or even choose from the pairs of 2 numbers or triplets of 3 numbers with more success.

You can also check the averages of the numbers drown from the lowest to the highest in all raffles since the beginning of the Euromillions. Ideal for anyone who is lookink for a serie of numbers to unfold.

Just one curiosity, all the 2018 drawings had at least one of the 200 best pairings since the beginning of Euromillions in 2004.

2- Study the desired filters

euromillions play software filters


You can use this page to test the available filters, see the success percentage of each filter until the last draw, and also check which tickets each filter failed.

As you can see, the “Sum Filter” only failed one ticket in all Euromillions history. This fail means that the ticket (2,11,29,30,47) on 2017-03-03 has 4 numbers with the same sum, i mean, 2=2; 11=1+1=2; 29=2+9=11=1+1=2 and 47=4+7=11=1+1=2.

The filters displayed on the big table, like “Door 3” are bulletin filters that i created based on the bulletin location of the 5 numbers drawn . As you can see, the filter “Door3” has, until the last draw, 98% of success.

3- That’s where magic begins

number generator euromillions play software


Arrived here, you just need to enter your favorite numbers, and unfold the numbers.

Next, select the desired filters ( I advise you to choose all 🙂 ) and apply the filters.

Finally, just think about how much you want to spend and use the Inteligent Super Reduction Algorithm to achieve your goals.

In the foto example, the Inteligent Super Reduction, gives you 6 lines to play from 26334 possible lines.


To download the “EuroMillions Play Software”, please visit the DOWNLOAD PAGE.

Disclaimer: The “EuroMillions Play” Software does not guarantee, in any way, any type of prize.

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