Filter Horizontal Quintet & Vertical Quintet

Filter Horizontal Quintet & Vertical Quintet

Filtro Quinteto Software Euromillions Play

This filter maintains an average success rate of 98%, and should always be used in the unfold. The filter is divided into Vertical and Horizontal, as you can see in the image above.

In the software you can check in which Eurommilions Tickets each of the filters failed since the beginning of Euromillions. The Software does not allow any configuration of this filter for reasons of its own success.

The filter searches for lines containing more than 2 numbers (Horizontal Quintet) and more than 3 numbers (Vertical Quintet), as follows:

  1. First create the possible sets of numbers, either horizontally or vertically, as shown in the image above, in red and green.
  2. Searches for all unfolded lines that contain more than 2 numbers in the horizontal sets and more than 3 numbers in the vertical sets. These lines will be removed from the unfolding because they are very, very, very unlikely to come out.

To know more about the other filters, return to the Logical Filters used by the Euromillions Play software.

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