3 Consecutive Numbers

3 Consecutive Numbers

Consecutive Numbers Filter - EuroMillions Play Software

This filter maintains a success rate, so far, of 96%. It failed on 2017 by 3 times and failed on 2018, only twice until today, having the last failure been on 2018-08-07.

The filter goes through all the unfolding lines and removes those that contain 3 or more consecutive numbers. The Software does not allow the user settings of the minimum  followed numbers for the reason of filter success.

The filter searches for consecutive numbers in two ways to make it even more effective:

  1. Look for lines with really consecutives numbers, for example [1, 12, 13, 14, 50] or [3, 23, 39, 40, 41]. Lines like these will be removed from the unfolding.
  2. It also looks for lines with two consecutive series of numbers, for example [10, 11, 27, 44, 45] or [3, 4, 27, 28, 50]. These types of lines are also removed from the unfolding because they are also very unlikely to be drawn, as shown in the image above.

To know more about the other filters, return to the Logical Filters used by the Euromillions Play software.

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